Varför "tumma" på säkerheten. 
Powerfloat är en billig livförsäkring specialdesignad för paramotorer, trikar och hängflygare.
Powerfloat finns i tre olika utföranden, U Shape, 2 Bsure och 2 Bsure XL

2Bsure Vest information.

Ben Darke - "After having a friend land in water I investigated what was on the market for flotation assistance to help my fellow pilots if they ever have the misfortune to land in water to deep to stand in.

What i found was the models on the market where simply modified U shaped vests designed for wearing round your neck and the U shape itself was to narrow when fitted on a larger shape such as a paramotor frame. The problem here is they never fit correctly and then are pinched when inflated resulting in a reduction in volume.

The answer as I have the equipment to make these myself was to custom make a larger U shaped vest with a larger volume of lift designed exclusively for the powered paraglider, parmotor community. This also lead to the development of the two piece system for trikes and hang gliders.

Other improvements include Thicker vest yellow material for the flotation system, thicker canvas deployment covers and a military grade oral inflation tube. The volume for flotation is also larger for extra lift with the U shape vest having a size of 420N  the 2Bsure a size of 150N per half for a total of 300N.

2 Bsure 2 500:-

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European customers

2 Bsure: € 270
Shipping cost from: € 35 

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In any case you will have an invoice sent to you via email, the payment shall be registered before the product is shipped.